Therapy cat really stressing out under all this responsibility

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Being responsible for moderating his owner’s emotions is really stressing the hell out of 4-year-old Mister Bigglesworth, according to reports.

The cat – who initially thought his role in the household was just to lie round licking his bum and occasionally being sick – is struggling to handle the pressure of knowing his owner’s moods are entirely reliant upon him.

“It’s really stressing the hell out of me,” he told us.

“How am I supposed to deal with that level of responsibility? I’m just a cat for God’s sake. I’m not trained for this!”

Bigglesworth then went on to reminisce about simpler times.

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“I used to be so chilled,” he explained.

“I’d just lie around the place all day – preferably in a patch of sunlight – but I’ve definitely become more paranoid and neurotic. What if my owner has a meltdown and I fail to help them out?

“I don’t think I could handle that. I didn’t ask for any of this to be just dumped on me.”

When asked, Bigglesworth’s owner told us that she wouldn’t know what she’d do without him and she’d have absolutely nobody to turn to, to which Mister Bigglesworth replied, “Oh Chriiiiiiiist, this is doing my head in.”