Twitter criticised for putting big red cross next to usernames of users with low IQs

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Social network Twitter has been criticised this morning after it emerged that they have been putting big red crosses next to the usernames of users with below average IQs.

The red crosses have been appearing more prominently on the micro-blogging platform over the last week or so, forcing Twitter officials to explain the feature.

As one explained, “We have a series of detailed algorithms that look at all of the content shared by each user on Twitter, and over time it is able to accurately predict your intelligence level to within a single IQ point.

“Adding the red cross to those who are a little deficient in the intellect department is just one of the many ways we are making Twitter a better place for all of our users.

“If you see something distasteful or fake from an account with an ‘X’ by the name, just remind yourself they were probably duped into sharing it and tell yourself not to take them too seriously.

“They probably thought sharing it would earn them a biscuit or something.”

The move has been met with criticism by the sorts of people who now have a big red cross next to their names.

Twitter user SimoWillams2874 told us, “I am NOT of below average IQ, that is an outrageous lie told by the liberal establishment elite who are trying to silence truth-tellers like myself.

“I just happen to believe in white genocide, that feminism is cancer and that Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus Christ himself – if that makes me a simpleton, then so be it!”