Jeremy Hunt confident bad Brexit will be blamed on EU in the same way failing NHS is blamed on the nurses

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New Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has spoken out at the possibility of a hard Brexit, confident that people won’t blame the government if it happens, in the same way they don’t blame the government for the problems with the NHS.

Speaking at a meeting with the German Foreign Minister, Hunt said it was high time the EU changed it’s negotiating position to start giving the UK the things it really wants and to stop being so consistent in the things it says.

He told reporters, “These issues are always a product of both sides, and sometimes the other side just makes unreasonable demands that simply can’t be met by the government.

“Like the EU insisting from the very start of this process that their four pillars are non-negotiable, and us trying to cherry-pick from them. People will definitely blame the EU when we can’t get a thing we were told at the start that we could never have.

“It’s like the NHS, under my stewardship, all problems were successfully blamed on the nurses who flatly refused to work for £1 an hour.  Even though such an agreement would have ended the NHS cash crisis overnight.

“They simply flat out refused to consider it, but thankfully, the voting public recognises this and doesn’t blame me at all and acknowledges that the greedy nurses unwilling to be flexible in their negotiating position is the reason the NHS is struggling.”

NHS nurse Simon Williams told us, “If Jeremy Hunt thinks he knows who people will blame for a hard Brexit, then he has a very big shock coming his way. And I can show him a few thousand battered Jeremy Hunt dartboards to prove it.”