Boss unwilling to accept ‘Met Office told me to stay indoors’ excuse for missing work

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Your boss has this afternoon rejected your excuse for not being at work today, after you took the Met Office’s warning to stay indoors literally.

After the Met Office warned people to stay out of the sun, you decided that this warning included the walk from the house to your car, and from the car park into the office.

“I’m just following the advice of the professionals who really know about this stuff,” you explained, somewhat pleadingly to the HR official that you called.

“They said I have to stay out of the sun, and I don’t know how I can do that and come into work today.

“It’s 30 metres from my front door to the car, and another fifty or so at the other end before I get to the office’s revolving doors. I could get cancer, or faint, or melt or something.

“I’m afraid it’s just a risk I’m not willing to take. You can’t play Russian roulette with your health, no matter how urgent the  reconciliation of those spreadsheets is.”

However, shortly after your call to HR, you received a call from your line manager explaining that avoiding work due to the Met Office warning would likely lead to disciplinary proceedings and a black mark on your official record.

“That was a bit concerning,” you admitted, starting to put away the shorts you’d been planning to wear in the garden.

“But worry not, I’ve called HR back and told them I can’t come in because I’ve got a poorly tummy,” you added, grabbing an ice lolly from the freezer.

“There is no way they can prove otherwise, so I’m certain it will be fine.”