I would be a fool not to trust Vladimir Putin over the FBI and CIA, insists Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump has decided to believe the word of the Russian president, rather than his own intelligence agencies when it comes to outside interference in the democratic process of the United States.

When asked directly by Trump during their Finland summit, Putin said Russia was not involved in influencing the 2016 Presidential election, contradicting the claims of the FBI and CIA and countless other intelligence agencies.

However, the president has said that when it comes right down to it, he believes Vladimir Putin.

He told reporters, “Why would he lie about it? He has no reason to lie to me about this, none whatsoever.

“Yes, I realise the CIA and FBI have spent many tens of thousands of man-hours looking into this, and countless millions of dollars going through the evidence, but Vladimir Putin sat there right in front of me and said Russia didn’t try to influence our election, so that’s good enough for me.

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“I mean look at him, how can you not trust that smiling face? How can you not trust the face of a former KGB official?

“It comes down to this, who would you rather trust, the lovely trustworthy face of Vladimir Putin, or the faceless intelligence agencies of the United States who have been looking into this for many, many months.  It’s a no-brainer folks!”

Vladimir Putin said he agreed with President Trump, and spoke to confirm once again he had nothing to do with hacking the 2016 US elections, but only once he’d stopped laughing.