Teenager signs historic document agreeing to work towards ‘complete declutterisation of bedroom’

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Teenager Jack Williams and his father Simon have signed a historic agreement to keep talking while working towards the aim of the complete decluterisation of Jack’s bedroom.

The signing marks the end of months of diplomatic efforts between the two sides that at times had resorted to petty name-calling and one-upmanship.

Jack’s father Simon told reporters,”I’m delighted, this is a great day for everyone involved in the drive towards a world free from cluttered bedrooms.

“People will no doubt say I should have just made him clean up his room, but I would say that this document is an excellent first step towards that eventual outcome. The tidy bedroom is coming, no doubt about it.

“Yes, as of today, his bedroom is a right state – but he’s agreed it won’t get any worse, and we have a plan to keep talking until such time as the bedroom is completely free of clutter.

“The road to decluttering starts here, and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Diplomatic experts have said that Jack will see this as a huge victory in his desire to be seen as a proper grown-up in the eyes of the world, while also offering very little in the way of concessions.

As one explained, “If this were a football match, we’d have it as a 3-1 victory for Jack.”

Jack himself told us, “I’m pleased it’s signed and I’m glad we’re leaving the past behind us – because he does tend to go on a bit. But I’ve finally learned that his bark is definitely worse than his bite – so I’m sat here happily signing this document.

“My commitment is to keep talking about tidying the room, and as we all know, talking is the easy part.