Parliament warned not to use its sovereignty to subvert attempts to give it sovereignty

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Members of parliament have been warned today by leading figures in the Brexit movement not to try and subvert attempts to make parliament sovereign.

With parliament debating a raft of changes to the EU Withdrawal Bill made by the House of Lords, David Davis has warned MPs that using their sovereignty to prevent taking back their sovereignty would have heavy consequences.

He told reporters, “The nation has spoken, and it said it wants parliament to get it’s sovereignty back.

“Woe betide any MP who uses their sovereign control to try and prevent our attempts to give them back sovereign control.

“What we need is a parliament free to make decisions that are best for the country, so they better not stop our attempts to give them just that by making a decision they think is best for the country.”

Brexit supporter Simon Williams told us, “It is essential that our elected officials have the power to make decisions for the benefit of this country – but only when those decisions are ones that I personally think are the right ones.

“I think it’s disgusting that parliament could use its sovereign powers to vote in a way that I disagree with just because they think it’s in the best interests of the country.

“I didn’t vote to leave the EU and bring back parliamentary sovereignty just so that parliament could go around being sovereign and doing things I don’t like.

“Bloody saboteurs, the lot of them.”

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