Supporting women’s rights in Northern Ireland ‘a boy job’, confirms Theresa May

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Prime Minister Theresa May has made it clear that supporting women in Northern Ireland over their reproductive rights is a ‘boy job.’

Last year, in an interview with the notoriously tough journalistic organisation The One Show Mrs May admitted that there were ‘boy jobs’ and ‘girl jobs’ in her house.

Now, alongside existing ‘boy jobs’ such as taking out the bins and operating the television, Mrs May has added ‘supporting Northern Irish women’s right to control their own bodies with abortion reform’ to the list of things that a boy should do.

“I do think it probably best that I stay out of the business of supporting women in Northern Ireland,” confirmed the Prime Minister, after a hard day of desperately clinging to power by abandoning whatever functioning scruples she has left.

“I mean, there are plenty of jobs girls can do, like cleaning, and cooking, and fucking the Westminster democratic process into a hole in the ground to cling to power with a wafer-thin majority, but I’m not sure taking sides on abortion reform is one of them.”

“In fact, that sounds to me very much like a ‘boy job’, and therefore something that foolish, silly women like me should definitely not get involved with – at all.

“This sort of thing is best left to the men to sort out. Well, any of them that are brave enough to take on Arlene.

It is also believed, although she has yet to confirm it, that Mrs May sees exercising any sort of authority over the ideological lunacy of the right-wing Brexiters in her cabinet as a ‘boy job.’