Facebook friend just letting everyone know that he’s doing some writing, actually

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A friend has taken to Facebook to let everyone know that he’s currently just doing a bit of writing, which is no big deal, but it’s just what he was doing.

Simon Williams, who almost certainly has a hugely annoying beard, made the post on the popular surveillance network earlier and then appeared to monitor Facebook for a brief period afterwards in case anyone had any questions.

“Yeah, he does that,” confirmed friend Eleanor Gay.

“He’s writing a play. It’s about injustice, apparently.

“So most evenings there’s a post saying that he’s doing some writing, and then another one about how being a writer is weird because you have to imagine what it’s like being a black woman suffering injustice in Trump’s America, and then another one asking if anyone knows the names of any women who have suffered injustice in Trump’s America.

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“I mean, good for him, if that’s what he wants to do. But I don’t spend the evening posting about how I’m playing Fortnite, I just, you know, play Fortnite.”

Mr Williams, who recently changed his Facebook career profile for ‘IT Support’ to ‘Writer,’ claimed that he was just ‘checking in.’

“Yeah, it was just – I’m doing a bit of writing. Whatever. I stick something on Facebook and if people are interested then that’s cool, but if they’re not then that’s cool too.

“My post yesterday got seven likes so, you know, make of that what you will.”

It is understood that Mr Williams recently bought a Macbook and a copy of Final Draft scriptwriting software.

So he’s not messing around here.