Huge tailbacks at Scottish/English border as minimum alcohol pricing comes into force

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Lengthy queues of vans, LGVs and low-loaders are reported at the Scottish border this morning as minimum alcohol pricing comes into force.

As own-brand spirits go up by an average of £3 a bottle throughout the country, vehicle rental companies between Stirling and Langholm report bumper business due to thousands of Scots piling south with a desperate and serious urgency.

The A1 is reported to the ‘chock-a-block’ as far north as Musselburgh, and motorists are advised to avoid the A74 as if their life depended upon it, although that’s normal.

“It was like one of the plagues of Egypt,” Berwick off-license owner Simon Williams told us.

“We looked unto the North and lo, there was a great darkness upon the land as of thousand two-ton vans coming forth from, well, the Forth.

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“They descended upon us in their multitudes, and – oh, sod it – I’d sold clean out of WKD and White Lightning by half nine. Best day I’ve ever had.”

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