‘No way this could end badly’ insist experts as royals name third child after famously executed King

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Experts have rubbished claims that naming the fifth in line to the British throne after a monarch who was famously guillotined during the French Revolution is a very bad idea.

Earlier today, a tweet from Kensington Palace confirmed the baby would be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.

Professor David Grunt of the University of Edinburgh believes it’s important not to overstate the parallels between the new Prince Louis and his distant relation.

“At the time of the French Revolution you had a situation of rising social inequality, increased levels of child poverty, widespread housing shortages and a lot of built-up resentment against the ruling classes,” says Professor Grunt.

“So, that’s clearly very different from where we are in Britain today.”

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Meanwhile, UK-listed guillotine manufacturers are reporting sharp stock gains in midday trade.