“Wenger Out” sign manufacturers facing mass redundancies

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The ‘Wenger Out’ sign manufacturing industry is facing collapse today due to Arsene Wenger being finally out.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has announced he will be leaving his position as manager at the end of the season, after 22 years in charge of the North London outfit.

However, the manufacture of signs, t-shirts, placards, hats, mugs, flags and other paraphernalia carrying the slogan has kept thousands of people in work for several years, and is regarded as Britain’s fourth-largest export industry.

Whilst a small ‘Wenger Out’ heritage industry is expected to survive on the nostalgia market, factories will be mothballed as companies hope Wenger gets another job somewhere else so they can start things up again.

“It’s a dark day for a major British manufacturing success”, said Wengerlathe operator Simon Williams.

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“Only as recently as March we were shipping upwards of a million demands for the Arsenal manager to fuck off a week, and suddenly it’s all gone. Just like that.

“What I want to know is what people like me will do now? It’s pure selfishness on his part. After years of people spending a fortune on demanding he quits, he actually goes and does exactly what they’ve been asking him to do.

“Thanks to him only thinking of himself, my family are facing the breadline.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has already called for government support for the industry, saying that just because nobody will buy any more Wenger Out paraphernalia doesn’t mean that huge investment in the industry isn’t justified.

The pound has fallen sharply on international markets on the news.