Man finds soulmate on Tinder with woman who amazingly also likes dogs

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Thanks to the power of dating apps one lucky Reading-based bachelor thinks he’s found ‘the one’.

“Tinder just felt like an uphill struggle, trying to find somebody with the exact same interests as me. I was beginning to lose hope, until I saw Julia,” said 43-year-old love-bird, Nigel Swain.

“I love dogs. And amazingly, she also likes dogs. With that much in common, honestly, it’d be a crime if we didn’t end up together.”

“We’ve been dating for 3-months now and I really couldn’t be happier. Every day with her is like a gift,” said Nigel.

“A lot of people do ask me how easy it is for me, as a regional branch manager of a high street bank in Reading, to be in a relationship with a radical anarcho-communist like Julia – and I won’t lie, now that I’ve moved into the commune with her, things are a bit less rosy.

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“But, as soon as we see a dog, like a labrador say, all of our fundamentally irreconcilable views get brushed aside as we share our joy of seeing dogs.

“We fight, of course, but no more than any couple with wildly differing worldviews would.

“I get angry when she leaves the milk open, for example. She might get angry when I eat meat, buy food or clothing from a franchised chain-store or read anything other than Das Kapital; but when we just pop on the DVD of AirBud, and everything’s great – well, fine – again.”

When we asked Julia for her thoughts on her relationship with Nigel she replied, “Who?”