Man wades into debate he knows nothing about, with no new information, yet convinced he is right

author avatar by 5 years ago

A local man has dived head first into a complicated and sensitive debate about the current state of the world whilst having done no research and having no background in the topic at hand.

The man who cannot figure out how to change the default avatar on his social media account feels it is necessary to be part of a conversation in which he has no expertise whatsoever.

It would seem more reasonable to stand back at times like these, to listen to experts and the communities affected, and to gather information from people that actually know what is happening and can give unbiased genuine viewpoints on the topics.

However, our man has ignored all these people and instead headed straight to the comments section and used the word ‘libs’ several times without any context whatsoever.

In our culture of whoever shouts the loudest gets the most attention, regardless of truth or fact, our man, who is used to sitting in the pub and telling strangers how he wins arguments on the Internet all the time even though he just blocks the other person, is doing his best to make sure that everyone hears his opinion even though it is unwarranted and quite frankly nonsense.

One day there will be a story, or an event come about to which our man will go towards his keyboard, hesitate for a second, pull his fingers back from the keys and think to himself “maybe I am crowding this conversation with un-researched views and false assumptions, maybe the reason these issues become so clouded is because unqualified and under informed members of the public crowd these spaces with purely reactionary shouting matches which benefit no one.

“Maybe I should sit back and listen instead of thinking that my viewpoint is integral to the narrative even though my viewpoint is completely inconsequential in this matter.”

But today is not that day.