Insomniac prescribed six episodes of latest season of The Walking Dead

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A woman struggling with her sleep has been advised to watch The Walking Dead.

Emma Wilkinson, 29, has been struggling with her sleep for the past year.

“So I recommend six episodes of The Walking Dead, ideally from season 7, but episodes from season 6 or the latter half of season 5 would probably do the trick,” said Dr. Simon Williams.

“Avoid the finals episode or the mid-season finales though as stuff actually happens in those ones that might keep you awake.

“Otherwise, it’s long stretches of character actors whispering things and staring into the middle-distance. You’ll be asleep and dreaming of a superior tv show in no time.”

Emma Wilkinson said, “I’ve heard from some of my friends that this works a treat, so I’m looking forward to the results.

“I’ve tried a similar thing before by watching Lost In Translation on a loop but that just made me google ‘why do people think Lost In Translation is a good film’ and then read all of the results until 6am. I was fascinated by its level of nothingness.

“Hopefully The Walking Dead is just boringly boring rather than fascinatingly boring.”

“Oh don’t worry,” said Williams, handing Emma her NowTV entertainment pass.