‘Peter Rabbit probably shouldn’t have said c*nt’ admit filmmakers

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The new Peter Rabbit film has come under fire for its unexpectedly raunchy content.

The adorable little bunny can be seen stubbing a cigarette out on a tree before telling Tom McGregor to “shut it, you c*nt”.

“I suppose it livened up an otherwise dull afternoon,” confirmed middle-class parent, Simon Williams.

“I’d taken the children to see a sorely misjudged attempt to ‘chav up’ a little rabbit created for posh children like mine.

“The street lingo was one thing and I had largely tuned out around the point Peter Rabbit and his ‘crew’ go for a joyride in a stolen VW Golf.

“But I certainly didn’t expect to hear the c-bomb in a piece of children’s entertainment; not outside of CBeebies anyway, but I don’t let my children watch that.”

Producer, Jay Cooper, said, “We thought that kids were all shouting ‘c*nt’ at each other these days. That’s what the papers keep telling us.

“Obviously we got it wrong and we’re sorry, but not sorry enough to pull the film. We’ll bleep it out and you can have a fun time explaining which word should have gone there. Let your imagination run wild.”

Simon Williams’ youngest daughter Megan said, “I’d heard the word once before, after mummy had drunk a bit too much mummy-Ribena and daddy suggested she might like to stop.”