Barnsley man outraged by cultural appropriation in Monty Python Yorkshireman sketch

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Monty Python’s ‘Yorkshiremen’ sketch is a cultural appropriation of the worst sort, according to Barnsley resident Simon Williams.

The sketch, which shows four miserable men trying to outdo each other in tales of hellish deprivation, has taken what it means to be from Barnsley and recycled it for cheap entertainment by people who just don’t know what it’s bloody well like.

“Cultural appropriation is the use of the culture of an oppressed people by a more powerful social group without respect,” he explained over a pint of Sam Smiths at the Dog & Whippet.

“It’s a violation of our identity as a people by devaluing the signifiers of our society as entertainment without context, you soft middle-class bastards.

“And there’s nowt more oppressed or less respected than being from fookin’ Barnsley.

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“Except mebbe Thurnscoe or Goldthorpe. That must be bluddy well rubbish.”

Simon went on to say that the least people could do is show respect to the originating culture they’re taking, possibly by getting their fookin’ round in for once, you tight southern puffs.

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