You lost get over it, Henry Bolton tells UKIP leadership committee

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UKIP leader Henry Bolton has told the party’s executive committee that there was a democratic vote and he won, and now they need to ‘suck it up and get over it’.

Despite facing increasing calls for him to resign, Bolton has pointed to the leadership election campaign that was held in September 2017 as evidence that the ‘people have spoken, and they want me’.

A friend of Bolton’s defended his stance, telling us, “This is just typical of the establishment. The people have clearly spoken, just a few short months ago, and already the elites are lining up to dismiss the election result because it didn’t go the way they wanted it to.

“I tell you, if Henry is forced out, there will be UKIP supporters who take the streets.”

Political analyst Simon Williams told us, “It’s a strange situation, we’ve got the executive committee of UKIP explaining that they voted a particular way, but because it hasn’t gone quite how they thought it would, they would now like to change their minds and vote differently.

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“Apparently Henry isn’t quite what he held himself out to be during the leadership election.  I don’t know, I genuinely thought this lot were well used to telling half-truths and uncovering the hidden failings of their representatives – is it not part and parcel of UKIP politics? Maybe not.”

UKIP supporters George Matthews, 65, told us, “Henry needs to go, he’s making us a laughing stock. I voted for him, but I have changed my mind because he hasn’t delivered the things he promised – that’s how democracy works.

“No, Brexit is a different kind of democracy, we’re sticking with that until the bitter end – no matter what happens.”