Does anyone know how to get back 40,000 Tweets you pointlessly deleted, asks Toby Young

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Toby Young has been seeking technical help to retrieve the 40,000 tweets he ‘unnecessarily’ deleted last week in a vain attempt to keep his new government job.

The Tweets were deleted in the hope that people would not realise the sorts of things Young had been saying as recently as last year, however, it appears Young has learned that things you say on the Internet are often remembered by other people.

After resigning his position in the Office for Students, Young told reporters, “I have been widely criticised for some of the things I have said, yes, but people say often say controversial things in the folly of youth – or their ‘late-forties’ as I like to refer to it.

“If you can’t test your limits and push a few boundaries with some unpopular opinions when you’re in your late forties, how will you ever know what sort of person you really are?”

Political analysts have been left surprised at Toby Young’s resignation, with many believing that society had passed the point where having a history of saying shitty things meant you were no longer able to do certain jobs.

Analyst Simon Williams explained, “It’s strange, contrary to what we’ve all been led to believe in recent times, it’s almost like there might be negative consequences to being a bit of a twat on social media.

“I don’t think we can say that definitively, not yet – and certainly not after only one example – but I think it’s an encouraging sign that people might start to learn that saying shitty things in the name of free speech is not always free from consequences.”