So-called experts still using ‘facts’

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Britain’s universities are a dangerous hotbed of facts and research which may be getting passed on to students, reports have warned today.

The disturbing trend emerged after concerned MP Chris Heaton-Harris wrote to centres of higher learning asking what was being taught, and was horrified to discover that un-British concepts like critical thinking and factual accuracy were on the syllabus.

The use of factual statements supported by peer-reviewed data sources suggest a worrying shift towards academic rigour and repeatable results in academia, which some warn may lead to students questioning received wisdom.

“This just goes to show there is an agenda to undermine wishful thinking deeply embedded in the culture of Britain’s universities,” anti-fact campaigner Simon Williams told us over a pint of Tetleys in his local.

“They’re a hotbed of research, the scientific method and accurate statements – which risks undermining the many benefits which accrue from simply making up what you want and then putting your fingers in your ears and whistling when anyone asks any difficult questions.

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“Obviously, it’s important that universities expose students to ideas they disagree with, just not ideas I disagree with.”

When questioned, Simon put his fingers in his ears and began whistling a jaunty tune, and it must be said, he did appear a great deal happier.