No-one can pack a bag that quickly so just slow the f*ck down, supermarket checkout workers told

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Throwing the shopping down the checkout like you’re throwing aid to desperate refugees won’t get you paid any quicker, shoppers have told supermarkets today.

As the improvements in checkout technology seemingly allow staff to scan one item every 0.1 seconds, supermarkets have been reminded that shoppers still need to put that stuff in a bag before they can leave and go home.

Shopper Jackie Williams told us, “I don’t know if there’s a bonus of some sort available for whoever can pile the most shopping in front of a customer who is still sorting out their bags, but I really don’t see what the rush is.

“I’m as stubborn as a mule, so if you think you scanning everything before I’ve got my reusable bags lined up will make me go any faster, then you are sorely mistaken.

“You can do your nails when you’re finished for all I care, but I will not be rushed. Even if you tell me how much it all costs when you’ve finished scanning – I am still going to ask you how much it is when I’ve finished packing.

“And it’s all well and good you offering to help me pack, but you’ll put the eggs at the bottom of a bag and squeeze the bread in that tiny space next to the milk – don’t pretend like you won’t.”

Supermarkets have explained the practice, with one executive telling us, “We only do it to annoy you, obviously.

“We tell the staff it’s for efficiency and stuff, but really, we’re just hoping you will all get so pissed off that you’ll switch to those handheld self-scanners, and then we can get rid of the people on the tills entirely.

“Preferably in time for me to get a nice Christmas bonus for it.”