Labour urged to oppose the government as hard as their own coalition partners do

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After the DUP defeated a government motion by voting against them, Labour has been told this whole ‘opposition’ thing might be worth a try.

Insiders were shocked by the defeat, saying that the Conservatives avoided any chance of a parliamentary rebellion by relying upon the Labour party to complain noisily and then vote with them anyway.

“It’s a crazy plan but it might just work,” said political scientist Simon Williams.

“If the opposition were to oppose and vote against the government from time-to-time it is theoretically possible they might not keep winning things.”

However, leader Jeremy Corbyn has called the theory ‘nonsense’, saying that it was important to take an inclusive and supportive approach to opposition.

“The best Brexit policy is doing exactly the same as the Conservatives, just slower and with a very sad expression,” he told us.

“Blairites might point to their record of defeating Tory votes and winning elections, but I ask you – is that the sort of opposition people really want?”