Parliamentary sovereignty not that important as long as government does what I want, clarifies angry Brexiter

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As an EU repeal bill which means government officials can ignore parliament to implement new laws is brought to the house, Brexiters have insisted this is precisely what they meant by bringing back the sovereignty of Parliament.

MPs will hold a key vote on the bill this evening, with critics suggesting it gives far too much power to the executive, removing the requirement for new laws to be debated and voted on by the elected Parliament.

However, supporters of Brexit have said that bypassing parliamentary sovereignty doesn’t matter because the unelected suits making laws in secret behind closed doors will now all be speaking English.

Brexiter Simon Williams told us, “When we said we wanted sovereignty of parliament, what we meant is that we didn’t like Johnny Foreigner having a say on the laws in our country – it’s just that saying that out loud sounds a bit racist, so we used the whole ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ line.

“I don’t actually care about 600 boring people debating laws in a big old building, obviously; I just want to make sure the people taking away parliamentary sovereignty agree with me.”

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When it was pointed out to Williams that passing the EU Repeal Bill in its current form would mean any government could make new laws behind closed doors, including a Jeremy Corbyn government of the future, Simon Williams looked at us blankly for a moment before telling us, “Yes, but he’s not the prime minister, is he.

“Right now the government is doing something I agree with, so they can ignore parliament all they like because we won and you lost. Get over it.”

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