Net migration falls as ‘snowflake’ migrants turn their noses up at being racially abused in public

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The dream of working in the UK is no longer worth the abuse you’ll likely get during your commute, according to new migration figures today.

As net migration fell to its lowest level in three years, many migrants said that being screamed at by a barely literate racist who thinks Brexit means they have won the right to send you back was just “one of those things you have to learn to love about Britain”.

Simon Wisniewski told us, “I came here a few years ago to work as a plumber, but many people who voted for Brexit have been mightily offended by my superior work ethic and my competitive pricing – and sometimes they let those views leak out; you know, on the bus, right into my face, with a little bit of free spittle.

“It’s not ideal, but these poor helpless people have no qualifications, no skills, no desire to get any, and an industrial-sized chip on their shoulder that convinces them their life would be better if I was English and charged a lot more.

“For some potential migrants looking to bring their valuable skills to this country, being berated by a racist imbecile while you try to get to work just isn’t worth it – though I don’t see the problem, you get used to it after a while.

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“It could be worse though, my apprentice mate Asif was born here, and he gets dogs abuse for looking like the ‘paki taliban’.

“They never seem to find it funny when they tell him to go back to where he came from and he replies, ‘what, Wolverhampton?’.”