‘Make July the end of June’ declare confused Corbyn supporters

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Some fans of Jeremy Corbyn have misinterpreted a popular election slogan.

Supporters of the allotment-fanatic have been declaring July to mean the end of June, which while technically true doesn’t actually carry the same political weight as making June the end of May.

“Down with June! It’s rubbish!” shouted Labour supporter, Simon Williams, tearing the June section from his calendar.

“Not actually sure what that means but ‘make June the end of May’ went down really well, so let’s carry on with what’s clearly worked before.

“We might even win this time! What we’ll win I’m not sure. Possibly some vouchers.”

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Citizen, Jay Cooper, said, “I have no idea what this means.

“Make July the end of who? June Whitfield? I mean she’s 91, that seems harsh and Father Time is probably going to do the job relatively soon anyway.

“Or they might mean June Sarpong, in which case sign me up.”