Boris Johnson wondering if he can blame horrific interview performance on Type 2 Diabetes

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Boris Johnson is this morning wondering if he can blame his bumbling car crash interview with the BBC on having type 2 diabetes.

Johnson was questioned by Eddie Mair on Radio 4 yesterday and floundered when asked basic questions about the government’s priorities, giving the impression he’d actually been asked to explain the inner workings of the large Hadron collider.

Boris told reporters, “Yes, it might have looked to the untrained eye like I, the Foreign Secretary, didn’t have the first clue about the government’s agenda for this Parliament.

“But you can’t rule out the possibility that I was actually ill, rather than, you know, just terribly incompetent and unable to recall even the most basic facts about the contents of the Queen’s speech.

“I am sure you will agree that it’s terribly unfair to blame an embarrassing interview performance on someone being crap at their job, when there might be a serious illness at play.

“Wait, someone has already used this excuse? Shit.”