Definition of phrase ‘a bit f**king rich’ to be altered after David Cameron offers Brexit advice

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The Oxford English Dictionary has announced that the definition of the phrase ‘a bit f**king rich’ will have to be altered in the wake of former Prime Minister David Cameron offering advice on how to deal with Brexit.

Mr Cameron, best known for both laying waste to the prosperity of the nation for a generation after pursuing a policy of monumental hubris and putting his penis in the head of a dead pig, has suggested that the Government pursue a ‘softer’ Brexit.

“Well, currently, if you were to refer to a statement as being ‘a bit f**king rich’ you would be saying that the statement is hypocritical or inappropriate,” said Simon Williams, Oxford’s Professor of swearing.

“But now, with David Cameron of all people, daring to offer advice on Brexit, it’s taken the phrase to a whole new level.

“I would imagine that we’ll need to add a few new words to the definition such as ‘staggeringly,’ ‘monumentally,’ and ‘unbelievably’.”

It is not the first time that Mr Cameron has been responsible for changes in definition at the OED.

“That’s right,” said Professor Williams.

“During his time in power, we had to completely rewrite the definitions of ‘complacent,’ ‘posh,’ and ‘massive shithead,’ as none of the definitions was sufficiently extreme to accurately cover his words and actions.”