Londoners continue to show their defiance by being unfriendly and quite impatient

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Despite being the victims of another terror attack, the people of London have shown their defiance of the terrorists by stoically remaining unfriendly and really quite impatient.

Within hours of the attack, in nearby Fenchurch Street a woman could be heard to shout ‘Oi, do one you cycling dickhead’ at a cyclist who’d jumped the lights, as if it was a normal day.

We took to the streets of London to try and get the measure of the fear that had struck the capital in the wake of the attack, but everyone was far too busy going about their daily business to talk to us.

Eventually, typical Londoner Simon Williams gave us a few brief seconds of his time, we spoke to him shortly after he’d studiously ignored a baffled Italian tourist looking for directions.

“Yeah, whatever mate, it’s just some dickheads with a shit van and tiny cocks. You think I’m going to let someone like that stop me doing what I’m doing?

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“F**king terrorists? F**k off, they’re just a bunch of arseholes who can’t get girlfriends.

“Now jog on son, I’ve got places to be,” he said, before rushing across a busy road with a cry of ‘c**t’ at a driver who’d honked her horn at him.

Londoners remain grumpy, unfriendly, and impatient, but neither cowed nor terrorised.

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