Tim Farron’s erection still going strong after Bake Off gag

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The leader of the Liberal Democrats is still sporting an impressive hard-on this morning after making a fabulous sign-off gag at the end of last night’s political debate.

Tim Farron made headlines following his suggestion that viewers turn over to Bake Off rather than listen to whatever Amber Rudd had to say.

This drew a big laugh from the studio audience and delighted viewers on social media.

“And he’s been rock-hard ever since,” confirmed party spokesperson Simon Williams.

“It’s so rare that Tim Farron feels the warmth of people laughing with him that the effect seems to have actually turned him on.

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“He’s already swept a vase off his desk by mistake, and riding in an elevator with him is uncomfortable at best.

“We’ve tried showing him photos of Paddy Ashdown to make the thing go away, but if anything it’s only made it worse.

“Soon we’ll have to break out the footage of Charles Kennedy bowling in an old people’s home. It’s impossible to feel randy following that.”