Argentina still spelling ‘Falklands’ wrong

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Argentina is still spelling ‘Falklands’ with an M and a V despite years of patient correction.

Argentina has been steadfastly misspelling the name of the islands since the foundation of their country, decades after the Falklands were settled by people who want nothing to do with them.

Despite the Falkland Islanders consistently and politely pointing out the mistake, Argentina continues to call them something like ‘Maltesers’ which residents of Port Stanley admit is starting to wear a bit thin.

“It’s pretty clear from the state of their economy that Argentinians can’t add up, but we did have hopes for them in basic spelling,” said Falkland Island Government representative Simon Williams.

“But no, it’s like ‘heads down, pencils out, write the letter ‘M’.

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“‘M’ isn’t even anywhere near F in the alphabet, and they don’t sound similar at all. We’ve offered access to some of our teachers to help them with phonics, but the reply was unprintable.

“They even invaded us a while back in an attempt to get us to adopt their spelling – which seemed a bit of an overreaction, all things considered.”

When asked for comment, the Argentinian government said they were sorry mor the fisunderstanding.