Man claiming to know ‘a great little place to eat’ takes guests to small Nando’s

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A man who told friends coming to visit him that he knew of a ‘great little place’ to get dinner ended up taking them to a particularly cramped Nando’s.

Paul Andrews of London had misled his two guests into thinking they’d be going to a gem of a cozy restaurant tucked somewhere away in the East End.

“When Paul said he knew a great little place I was imagining an authentic Middle Eastern place hidden on a side-street in a yet ungentrified area. Instead, he’s taken us to a dingy chicken chain,” said Lisa Williams

“On our way we passed so many great small eateries with names like ‘The Cafe in the Alley’ and ‘Doughters’. My heart just sank when we finally arrived at the door or the smallest Nando’s I’ve ever seen.”

Lisa’s boyfriend, Harry, lamented, “My elbows were touching the guy next to me the whole time.

“We’ve come to a food haven – but we didn’t need to leave Lincoln to go to a fucking Nando’s.”

Paul though was thoroughly content with his dining experience.

“Lovely intimate atmosphere and delicious Portuguese chicken. Yes, there were a few rowdy people taking selfies but it’s all part of the unique charm of the place. What more could you want?”