Jeff Sessions pretty sure the Attorney General is allowed to lie under oath

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US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has insisted that lying under oath is one of the perks of his job.

After facing calls to resign after lying under oath about contact with Russian officials during the presidential election campaign, Sessions said he had done nothing wrong.

Sessions told reporters, “It says in the constitution that the Attorney General can say what he likes when under oath, he’s the only one who doesn’t have to tell the truth.

“Well, him and the President. You don’t need to go and look that up, you can trust what I’m telling you because I’m not currently under oath.

“I mean, you didn’t literally believe all that stuff I said on the stand during my confirmation hearing did you? I’ve also never scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl, but I didn’t see any raised eyebrows about that.

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Political commentator Chuck Williams told us Sessions won’t be under any pressure to resign from the White House.

He explained, “This is an administration based on mistruths and lying to the American public at every opportunity, there is nothing remotely surprising about this news.

“It’ll be dismissed as fake news by Sean Spicer and we’ll be reassured Jeff Sessions scored one of the best Super Bowl touchdowns of all time.”