Piers Morgan publishes ‘exclusive’ photos of Hogwarts teachers urinating on students held in detention

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Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan has today published exclusive photos which he claims show criminal urination behaviour in the school created by JK Rowling.

The photos, which show a teacher with their face blacked out urinating on a bound student have sent shockwaves throughout the wizarding world.

Morgan said, “These exclusive photos which have legitimately come into my possession and are definitely real, show how sickening the real conditions are inside JK Rowling’s so-called wizarding school.

“She claims to be morally superior to the people she doesn’t like on Twitter, while simultaneously creating the magical environment where teachers feel they can literally piss on students who are held in detention.

“I am not surprised this type of thing never made it into the books, but her sick and twisted mind needed to make this happen.

“I am obviously pleased and relieved to be able to reveal these photos to the public so they can make up their own-mind about this disgusting woman and the things that happen at Hogwarts.”

Morgan was last seen busily googling ‘how to remove photoshop from home laptop’.