Labour by-election chances boosted by Jeremy Corbyn not getting involved

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Jeremy Corbyn is doing the best he can to help Labour in the Copeland by-Election by staying really quiet and going nowhere near the place.

Campaigners in Copeland are buoyed by the decision, which means that the party leader won’t be knocking on doors and canvassing people in the High Street in the run up to the crucial vote.

Party activists believe Corbyn’s involvement may be pivotal in the town, and have been quietly encouraging him to be less involved – assuming that’s actually possible.

Party members revealed that it wasn’t very difficult to persuade Corbyn to stay out of the campaign, as they told him he’d have to catch a Virgin train to get up North.

“One thing I hear on a lot of doorsteps is ‘Where’s Jeremy Corbyn?’, and when I say he’s not coming people really open up and start talking,” said Labour activist Simon Williams.

“Our doorstep pledge to rebel against him as often as he did against everyone else is going down really well with the electorate.

“Jeremy has really helped the Labour party engage with ordinary, everyday voters because they can’t stand him any more than we can.”