‘Relieved’ America wakes up thankful it voted for the President with no ties to corruption

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America has woken up this morning relieved that it voted for a President free from corruption and controversy.

Voter Chuck Williams told us, “Just imagine if we’d put crooked Hillary Clinton in the White House, just imagine.

“We’d be twenty-four days into her presidency, and she’d have dragged this nation’s name through the mud with controversy after controversy.

“She would no doubt have appointed a number of Goldman Sachs people to the highest offices in the land – because that’s how ‘in the pocket’ of Wall Street she is.

“She’d also have gone after the judiciary just because they tried to rein in her more despotic tendencies. She would be out of control.

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“Of course, she would have cared so little about the nation’s security that she would have been caught holding confidential security briefings around the dinner table in a public restaurant during one of her many weekend holidays.

“I say holidayS because she would have been on holiday at some private resort or other every weekend since taking office – at the cost of at least $3m to the taxpayer.

“All because crooked Hillary was corrupt to the core.

“We should think ourselves very lucky indeed.”

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