West responds to Aleppo crisis with satirical article about Aleppo crisis

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The humanitarian crisis and massacre in Aleppo has seen the West respond immediately and in no uncertain terms with an article on a satirical website.

The article in question appeared on a British topical humour website popular by the sort of men who still get their Mums to wash their clothes and was a scathing attack on the West’s inability to do anything to help the people of Aleppo short of publishing a satirical article.

“If the West does nothing else,” said the smug, beardy liberal snowflake who wrote the article.

“And doing ‘nothing else’ does seem to be the current plan, then at least the people in Aleppo can take solace in the fact that a satirical article has been written about their plight.

“Comfort for all of them, I’m sure.”

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The people of Aleppo have responded with relief to the West’s actions.

“The West are actually doing something the help us?” said a Syrian man who lives in a hole where his house used to be.

“Thank heaven for that, we’re saved, we will survive this – sorry, a satirical what?

“What am I going to do with that? Hold it up to the Government forces coming to massacre me?”

It is thought that if the satirical article doesn’t have any immediate effect then a second satirical article will be produced about how no one could read it because of the WIFI coverage in Syria is such a scandal.

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