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Theresa May to publish fag packet on back of which Brexit plan is scribbled

Theresa May, back of a fag packet Brexit plan

In what is being seen as a significant climb-down by the Government, Theresa May will make available the fag packet on which she scrawled the plans for Brexit after her 6th pint in a local pub.

Although not officially released yet to Government, copies of the fag packet have been made available to the press.

The fag packet reads

1 – Leave EU
2 – Sort all the shit out

Which seems to indicate a clarity of purpose, if a lack of detail, on the part of the Government.

There is also an interesting insight into the mindset of the prime minister as she formulated the plan while writing the acronym FML clearly in one corner of the fag packet and a small, crudely drawn picture of male genitalia in another.

Liberal Democrats have claimed the release of the fag packet is a victory for Remainers with Tim Farron saying “This is terrific news for everyone who voted to – No wait. Come back. We’re still relevant, we are. We got a new MP and everything!”

Labour seemed a little more guarded in their response, saying only – “Europe? That sounds like something we’re supposed to care about.”

Mrs May is understood to have been reluctant to release the fag packet as it still had a couple of silk cut in, but was talked round after an aide promised to look after them

Brexit means Clusterf*ck – get the t-shirt!

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