Donald Trump named NewsThump’s “Resource of the Year”

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NewsThump is proud to announce that Donald Trump is their resource of the year.

The wish-washy, bleeding heart, home of the liberal elites cum satire page made the announcement following the decision by Time magazine to name the Trumpster, their “Person of the Year”.

“Obviously we couldn’t do that; Donald Trump isn’t even a real person,” said NewsThump satire writer, Simon Williams, from atop his ivory tower in liberal elite-ville, no-doubt.

“But he has been an absolutely cracking source of material. Sometimes we don’t even have to write additional words. We just quote whatever he’s said and point at it.

“We’re looking forward to writing even more wonderful bits of copying and pasting of whatever lunacy he’ll come up with when he’s actually President, assuming he doesn’t get shot, imprisoned or simply become bored of the idea of being president in the meantime.

“I really hope he doesn’t get shot. He’s essentially paying to do up my conservatory at this point.

“I have a conservatory, you know. All of us liberal elites do.”

Accepting the award, President-elect Trump said, “NewsThump is a nasty website.

“But they’ve given me a great trophy, so that’s great, and I think they’re great.

“I bigly look forward to providing them with hilarious horseshit for years to come.”