Small Spanish waiter at pearly gates repeatedly telling St Peter ‘I know nothing’

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St Peter is refusing to let a small Spanish waiter enter the gates of Heaven unless he can explain why he is there.

As is custom, St Peter is checking names off the list and asking those in the queue why they should be let into Heaven.

However, the small Spanish waiter merely smiled and told St Peter, “I know nothing.”

St Peter clarified that he just wanted to know about his life and why he should be allowed in, to which the Spanish waiter cleared his throat and repeated, “I know norrthing.”

With the queue growing at an ever expanding rate, as is the norm in 2016, a clearly exasperated St Peter said he just wanted to know a bit about what sort of person he was and why he should be rewarded with a place in Heaven.

The water straightened his jacket and with a tap on the side of his nose, explained, “I know norrrthing.”

At the time of publication one member of the queue appears to have rectified the situation, by helping the kind-hearted waiter realise the severity of the situation with a swift whack to the back of the head.