Wednesday 30 November 2016 by Tommy Charles

Open letter on blog continues to go unread

woman's blog open letter not being read

A woman’s open letter to a stranger that upset her in the shops remains unread for the fifth consecutive day, it has emerged.

Simone Williams, a housewife from Surrey, became a bit sad after another woman called her a ‘twat’ in Asda and decided to pen a heartfelt open letter to her on her blog.

Williams is believed to have gotten into a dispute over quinoa or some bullshit before the unknown woman reacted, saying, “Oh, have a day off will you? You busy twat.”

Since the post went live earlier this week, her blog – named “My Vegan Breastfeeding Dilemma” – has received no additional page views.

While the full contents of the post are still not known, some have speculated that it’s likely to be mostly harping on about how she was having a really hard day dealing with her kids and that nobody knows what personal struggles other people are going through.

“I am even more sad now,” said Williams.

“I really thought this might be one of those open letters that go viral and gets lots of praise for being so ‘real’, you know?

“I was certain my rousing, passive-aggressive essay would be really inspirational and spread far enough to perhaps even reach the horrid woman who was so mean to me.

“I guess on reflection nobody actually cares about this.”

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