John Lewis offers stark warning about cleaning animal faeces from trampolines

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John Lewis has today launched a public service announcement warning the public of the dangers of young children playing on trampolines covered in animal faeces.

The two-minute film shows the myriad of filthy animals that can come into contact with your child’s plaything during the night, carrying a wide range of germs and disease.

A spokesperson for John Lewis explained, “We are all about child safety, but we only had two minutes, which is why we didn’t show the Dad digging the trampoline in properly, per safety protocols.

“The important threat is the animals and their filth. Badgers can carry TB, did you know that? Do you want your child to get TB? Because not cleaning the trampoline is how your child gets TB.

“Would you let your daughter play with a dolls house that was covered in fox piss? No, of course you wouldn’t. Well, dirty trampolines are no better.

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Film critic Simon Williams said, “It’s a very powerful film. You see how she stops at the end? That’s because it’s needs cleaning with anti-bacterial wipes to ensure she doesn’t get any animal faeces in her mouth.