Parliamentary Process means Parliamentary Process, rules High Court

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A court has ruled that Brexit must be triggered by a democratically-elected parliament rather than by a couple of people around a table.

The bloody bonkers decision came after some busy-bodies suggested that, having fought so hard for Britain’s sovereignty, the public might want to see a sovereign parliament involved to some degree.

“Well they’re wrong,” said Brexiter, Simon Williams.

“I want my Brexit, and I want it NOW. Not after it’s been carefully planned and considered by a group of elected politicians who might know a bit more about it than me.

“I thought it was made perfectly clear what we all thought of ‘experts’ during the referendum. How soon we forget.”

“Not me though, I’m an expert in not forgetting things. Especially things what make me froth.”

MP, Elizabeth King, said, “I try and spend as little time in the chamber as possible, so I’m equally annoyed by this decision.

“I would say I’m looking forward to some reasoned yet lively debates, but a) they won’t be and b) I’m not.”