Samsung warned against ringing people to tell them their phone is being recalled

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Samsung is wondering if it’s safe to ring people to tell them their phone is being recalled.

The new Galaxy 7 Note, which has a disconcerting habit of exploding when charged, used, touched or looked at, is being recalled so manufacturers can fix the problem.

However, Samsung are wondering just how the hell to let their customers know this without making their phone explode.

“The problem is, if they ring people then the phone might explode”, NewsThump technical editor Simon Williams explained.

“So some bright spark suggested texting, but that went down in flames, as it were.

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“And most people check their email and Internet on their handset which is the last thing anyone wants as that presents a clear danger to life and limb so contacting them that way is right out. It’s a tricky one.”

To address the problem Samsung is understood to be sending customers a fireproof box to put over their head before taking any calls.