Monday 10 October 2016

Donald Trump delights supporters by taking a shit during Clinton’s debate answers

Trump took a shit on the stage

Donald Trump has delighted his hardcore supporters during the latest presidential debate by taking a shit on the stage during Hillary Clinton’s answers.

After many commentators had claimed he needed an improved performance in the second of three debates, Trump decided the way to achieve the required improvement was through live defecation.

He chose to do so while Clinton explained the deletion of her private emails, and dramatically dropped his pants before taking a seat on the toilet that was brought onstage by an aide.

“From an expectation setting perspective, it was an absolute triumph,” explained political analyst Robert Johnson.

“People expected so little of Donald that anything short of shitting his pants live on air would have been seen as a success by his biggest supporters. And he got all of it in the toilet bowl, only needing to wipe four times.

“He didn’t flush, no, but baby steps are better than none at all.”

Trump supporter Chuck Williams said he was delighted with Trump’s performance, telling us, “He will make America great again, by crapping in the offices of world leaders and big businesses across the world.

“And he’ll leave it there, Trump don’t take no shit.”

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