Sunday 9 October 2016 by Spacey

UKIP form alliance with creepy clown craze

creepy clowns to join UKIP

UKIP have announced plans to form an alliance with other clowns who enjoy scaring people.

Senior party officials are keen to bolster UKIP’s dwindling membership and have been alerted to numerous clown sightings across the UK.

In Suffolk, a man was chased by several people wearing white suits and Union Jack shoes. Elsewhere in the UK, a masked man left one women “upset and distressed” when he jumped out of a bush and started complaining about the colour of his passport.

With UKIP voters defecting to the Conservatives in their droves, people’s clown Nigel Farage insists an alliance is a logical step.

“Much like UKIP, clown sightings are causing the public a great deal of distress,” he said.

“We are a party that has a proud tradition of turning fear to our advantage.

“Vote for Britain, vote for the United Kingdom Creepy Clown Party.”

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