Jeremy Corbyn calls for pub créches so mothers can enjoy after-work drinks

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Pubs must begin offering childcare facilities so in-work mothers can benefit from the nation’s after-work drinking culture, according to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking on Wednesday evening at an event to show how committed he is to female voters, Corbyn told the audience that Labour would ensure that working mothers can enjoy being the pub as much as their male colleagues.

He told those present, “The networking opportunities of the pub are enormous, and we must do what we can to ensure women with children can also benefit from slagging off their manager over a couple of pints.

“Far too many drinking establishments have zero créche facilities, with many even turning up their noses at a mother who brings her child with her. That is sexist, and very wrong.

“A Labour government will ensure mothers can go drinking after work as well as any man.”

Corbyn was asked why he was going to enforce child care on pubs, when other options might be available.

He went on, “One other option might be to try and prevent people from going to the pub after work, but that would make me sound like an out-of-touch moron trying to remove the one final pleasure many people have left in their tedious lives, so it’s the créche idea instead.”

Mother-of-two and office worker Sharon Williams said she didn’t like the sound of the new plan one little bit.

She explained, “My local Wetherspoons can’t microwave a pie without burning it to a crisp, so what on God’s green earth makes you think I’d trust them with my child?

“Wait, did you say it was £3 for a large Chardonnay? Ok, well, I guess a couple of hours might even be character building.”