Boris Johnson ends first day of Government Brexit brainstorm with wonderful doodle

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Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has ended his first day of the Government’s Brexit planning session at Chequers with nothing more than an elaborate doodle.

The doodle, which Johnson claims ‘conjures images of the greatest baroque masterpieces’ appears to feature a caricature of Michael Gove being pulled apart by Satan’s minions, who have unusually blond hair and portly appearance.

Johnson told reporters, “Today has been the first day of Great Britain’s future, as we plan for life outside the EU.

“Well, I say ‘we’, but really it’s the others. As I explained to Theresa when she looked in my direction for ideas in this morning’s session, I’ve already done my bit.

“She asked everyone for suggestions on how the country could potentially thrive in the Brexit world, and I don’t know why everyone turned to face me.

“I mean, all I said during the campaign was that the country would thrive in the Brexit world – I never said ‘how’. I’ve not got the first idea to be honest. I’m not really a ‘details’ politician.

“Then Theresa got frustrated at the lack of ideas and asked everyone to jot down the first thing that came to mind, and so I began doodling.

“That went on for about six hours, and here we are looking at this wonderful piece of art.

“Frankly, it’s the most productive day I’ve had since I came into politics.”