Men promise to let women have a go

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Men have moved to stop women ‘going on about it’ by promising to let them have a go in a bit.

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith have both said that women will be given top jobs under their leadership, regardless of how flustered they might get or how scatty they can sometimes be.

Women are reportedly encouraged by the news and have agreed to stop worrying their pretty little heads about it.

“The Tories are on their second female Prime Minister, which proves women can hate the poor just as effectively as any man,” said a woman.

“I’m glad that men are finally acknowledging that whatever they can monumentally fuck up, women can fuck up just as badly.”

Critics insist that people should be offered top jobs on their ability to make a total dog’s dinner of things rather than their gender.

“Handing women top jobs to fill quotas is ridiculous,” said man Simon Williams.

“Top jobs should be awarded solely on the candidate’s ability to have a father with good connections at the golf club.”