Girlfriend ‘perfectly happy’ to watch Match of the Day

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Men across the nation are excitedly reporting that their female partners suddenly like football, according to sources this morning.

Offices around the country are rife with tales of wives and girlfriends who sat attentively throughout Match of the Day on Saturday night, in an unprecedented display of solidarity with their boyfriends and husbands.

Football fan Simon Williams told us, “She doesn’t normally like football, at least that what she says whenever I put it on, but this week she sat on the sofa with the popcorn absolutely gripped to the highlights show on Saturday night.

“She kept asking if they broadcast this in 3D, and suggested we get a 3D TV. This is a woman who at Christmas wouldn’t let me buy a television bigger than 32 inches because ‘we never bloody watch it anyway’.

“The best bit is that she was happy to fast forward through the boring games to get to the good ones – but she did want to hear what the analysts said after every single game, sometimes more than once. She clearly wants to learn.

“I think this could be the making of our relationship, though I tell you now, I won’t be returning the favour by sitting through Bake Off.”