Homeworkers urged to remember suncream

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Homeworkers have been reminded to use factor 20 or above when working at home today.

With temperatures expected to hit 30 degrees in large parts of the country, experts say that homeworkers could be at significant risk of sunburn and increased risks of skin cancer.

Health expert Simon Williams told us, “There are many risks associated with working from home; back problems from poorly designed chairs, obesity from lack of movement and sedentary lifestyles, and of course melanoma from diving outside into the garden the very moment the sun shines.

“We would recommend all homeworkers slather the sunblock all over themselves before so much as returning another single email.

“Factor 50 or above if you want plausible deniability against accusations that you spend all your working days at the beach next time you’re in the office.”

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Business consultant Shane Matthews said that increased sunshine reduces homework effectiveness by up to 80%.

He told us, “If you want to know if they’ve spent the day pissing about in the garden instead of preparing sales reports, call them in for a 9 am tomorrow to check their tan lines.

“Anyone who can’t make it because of ‘flu’ probably has sun stroke.”

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